Rusty Haggard Blog

The Warmth of the Sun

With the wind still howling outside – and it hasn’t stopped howling since early Tuesday morning – the fireplace keeps cranking out the heat. The sun, and any warmth from it, is hidden away. At least yesterday the sun was shining and one could at least imagine something along the lines of the old Beach Boy song, “The Warmth of the Sun.” Now, at 18 degrees, it’s like a refrigerator inside and a freezer outside. Even going to get another log for the fire can bring a refreshing “Whoa” to the senses.

Across the world…might as well be across the universe (songs keep popping into the writing here, with thanks to John Lennon for that one), people are throwing rocks at one another in Cairo. And with worldwide media coverage. Rock-throwing. That’s better than Uzis and AK-47s. And of course, it was started by the followers of the man in power. Yesterday, everything was peaceful, hopeful, and there were smiles on those being interviewed by Big Media. Today, images on the computer screen show cracked skulls, blood, rocks in a hand. Video reports show footage of the rock throwing. Press reports indicate some of the journalists themselves have been roughed up. And another song: When Will They Ever Learn, When Will They Ever Learn?


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