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Vegas and Idol = Nowhere, Man

I should’ve known better….

Subjected myself to the Beatles “tribute” (?) on American Idol. Uh, what were they thinking?
First, no one should do Beatles songs. Really.
Second, you know it’s gonna come off like Karaoke. They (the contestants) were warned.
Third, they took the contestants to see Cirque de Solei and the Beatles “Love” show right there in Las Vegas…and they still didn’t get it?
It’s inexcusable. Especially for Steven Tyler to sit there and not just rip them after these pathetic performances. And Randy and JLo too. C’mon, man.
Hello, Goodbye? Three (three!) people running out of a London phone booth singing “Hello, Goodbye”? At least Tyler said “The Marx Brothers put out a lot of fires…” Nice comment.
So many Beatles songs bring up so much emotion so easily. Yeah, we’re old, but think about it. Most of us can say, Yes, that was the 10th grade. Oh yeah, that was summer of ’67. Oh, Hey Jude, I remember what I was doing back then. The White Album? It goes on and on and on.
Jumping out of a red phone booth? I can only shake my head.
I’m lucky. A year ago I was actually in London. For real. And I walked around thinking “Beatles were here” as I walked down the street. The London taxi cabs (I got to ride in them, twice!) reminded me of the Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night.” It rained like hell as I walked through the streets at night, and I was thinking, “The Beatles…” I was in a dream.
Isn’t that how one of their songs starts? “I read the News today, oh boy. About a lucky man who made the grade…”
American Idol should be ashamed. Nothing against the kids singing. They admitted, sadly, (at least some of them did) that they’d never listened to the Beatles (?). Huh?
Oh, all I can say is Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, Whisper Words of Wisdom, Let It Be (and change the channel).


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