Rusty Haggard Blog

Be Kind, Rewind…Your Mind

Turns out that man isn’t that important. We, collectively, are pretty miniscule and insignificant after all.

What? You’re shocked?

Yeah, sure, we’ve got space travel, jumbo jets, solar technology, air conditioning, refrigeration, countless athletic feats and records, art, photography, cinema, great wines. And the iPad 2. You know there’s going to be an iPad 3. Probably next week.

What I mean is that man still stumbles around on earth, being inhumane, being insane, maiming, killing. And there are those souls among us, bless them, who are going about things the right way. Helping others, reaching out. But they’re way outnumbered.

Animals, unlike us, can do things like fly, run faster than we can, stay underwater longer than we can. Live underwater! Give birth to ten at a time, like my golden retriever Rita did one time. And they think nothing of it.

I’ve read that your best friend, if even for a few minutes, is the person next to you in line at the grocery store. Or at the movies. Or at the ballpark. Reach out, say something. Amazing things can be exchanged. We’re not alone in this crazy thing called “life on earth.” Rewind your mind. And be kind. And see what happens. It may surprise you.

And do it with no expectations. None. Just do it. Smile at a stranger. Open the door for someone. Give someone a cut in line. Rewind. Start over. Push “play” if only for today.


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