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Signs We’re Losing It: Woman Attacks Gauguin Masterpiece

I’ve got a poster of the original. Paul Gauguin painted the masterpiece “Two Tahitian Women” in 1899. It’s worth $80 million. On Sunday at a Washington, D.C., museum, a woman apparently freaked out over the wanton display of women’s breasts and “homosexuality,” as she put it, among other things she didn’t like and tried to rip the precious piece of art from the wall. She didn’t succeed, but didn’t give up either. She started hammering on it with her fists, but fortunately the painting was protected by plexiglas.

This whole thing is perplexing. I thought everyone knew about women’s breasts. Didn’t we all watch the Super Bowl halftime show with Janet Jackson? Guess not. Guess we don’t appreciate priceless art either. Gauguin himself left his accountant job and then his fellow Impressionists for Tahiti. Not a bad idea at the time. Who doesn’t want to go to Tahiti? Oh, yeah, that lady. Hope she doesn’t find out about who he lived with over in the South Pacific.

Not stranger than the woman’s actions, but just as perplexing is the way the local TV stations in the metro area tried to report the crime. One station ran the scroll that’s usually on the bottom of the screen right across the strategic part of the women’s breasts, lest viewers be offended. Another station cropped the painting to a head and shoulders shot.

I can hear it now: “Hey, Marge, how come they’re reportin’ on this art thing?”

The end of civilization is near, don’t you think?


One response

  1. zonzen

    it does…:-(
    C’est bien triste mais le monde est malade!

    April 6, 2011 at 9:32 am

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