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Into the Night: The Black Mojito Mystique

Everyone knows about mojitos – that delicious rum drink with mint and sugar. There’s even a TV commercial (and a good one)  – the one where everybody’s dancing, and then they all stop when the bartender stops “muddling” the drink. He starts muddling, and everybody starts dancing.

In real life, the Black Mojito doesn’t quite have that much control. Then again, maybe it does. Try it yourself with this action:

First, put a tablespoon of sugar and three or four fresh mint leaves in a tall glass. Add the juice of one lime, or measure out a shot of lime juice and pour it in the glass. Drop in several fresh blackberries. Then “muddle” those ingredients (get a muddler and smash the ingredients together, and do it well). Muddling is the key to this very delicious drink.

Once you’ve muddled it like a pro, add a jigger of good rum – not flavored rum, but good, high quality Jamaican or Puerto Rican rum (I prefer clear rum for this drink). Fill the glass about three-fourths full with ice. Finally, add a splash or two of club soda and stir well. Garnish with a mint leaf. Then – on into the night. The mystique of the Black Mojito lives on.

What’s your mystery drink?


One response

  1. Susan Harris

    Yay! I finally made it back to the blog and found the mojito! Sharing on facebook for the masses…..promised folks the recipe as this is becoming rapidly famous here in my town (smile). Thanks for making 5,000 for me and helping me get started on my own!

    June 29, 2014 at 6:44 pm

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