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Greatest Rock Song of All Time: Light My Fire

It’s difficult enough to come up with all-time favorites. There’s just so much music. But today while walking with the ipod plugged in, I picked up my step a little and smiled. It was the Doors playing “Light My Fire.” The thought crossed my mind then and there: this is the greatest rock song of all time.

Released in early 1967, “Light My Fire” was definitely different. What were we listening to in the months leading up to this all-time classic? The Left Banke’s “Walk Away Renee,” the Monkees “Last Train to Clarksville,” and Bobby Darin’s “If I Were A Carpenter” to name a few. These weren’t bad songs; we liked them! But suddenly we heard Jim Morrison and band (Ray Manzerak, Robbie Krieger and John Densmore) and everything changed.

The song was originally seven minutes long – way too long for AM radio in those days. Songs could only be three minutes in length. So “Light My Fire” was released as a three-minute single. Those who bought the album “The Doors” found out that it was a seven-minute mind blower. And that album also included the 12-minute “The End” as well. Rock had taken a turn down a different road.

Later that year, “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by the Beatles came out and rock – and for that matter, music – would never be the same again. But there’s something about hearing those opening chords on the organ by Ray Manzarek on “Light My Fire” that simply define the word “classic.” And for me, “Light My Fire” is the all-time, number one classic in rock history.

What’s your number one?



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