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Midnight in Paris: Mid-Summer Classic

Woody Allen had the good sense not to cast himself as Gil, the lead played by Owen Wilson in Allen’s latest gem, “Midnight in Paris.” But you can’t help but see Allen in the part as Gil walks around Paris with all the mannerisms, quips and angst of what Allen surely brought out in this excellent performance. “Midnight in Paris” is a film that is this year’s mid-summer classic.

Gil is a hack screenwriter trying to stretch into a novelist. Inez, played so beautifully by Rachel McAdams, is his fiancé. She’s brought along her parents on a pre-marriage trip to Paris. McAdams is as beautiful as the romantic shots of Paris that clip by in rapid fashion – and the fashions she wears are almost worth the ticket price just to see, let alone the clever plot, the great acting and the direction and pace that Allen has achieved.

As Gil declines the gay Parisian nights with Inez in favor of wandering the streets to find himself, he runs into all the writers and artists one can imagine from 1920s Paris. The “lost generation.” Here they are in living color: Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald (along with crazy wife, Zelda), Picasso and many more. Throw in Adrianna, played so beautifully by Marion Cotillard (from “La Vie en Rose” Academy Award fame) and then sit back and smile at Gil’s confused love for her, for Hemingway, and for what he’s got himself into each night at midnight as he’s picked up by a 1920s yellow cab – with the likes of t.s. eliot, Josephine Baker, Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds and others sitting inside.

Meanwhile, Inez is spending time with her friend’s boyfriend, her parents have put a detective on Gil’s trail, and Gil can’t seem to get enough of spending time with Dali, Gertrude Stein, Man Ray, Paul Gauguin – the list goes on and on.

It’s a mid-summer night’s dream. Check it out.


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