Rusty Haggard Blog

Dog Days, Drought and Dreaming

Stretch. Stretch it out.

Many years ago, we began walking a route that covered two and a half miles on our dusty ranch road (time elapsed: 32 to 38 minutes, depending on how many neighbors rattled down the road as the dust flew into our faces). We’ve stretched it out over the last couple of months – and changed locations.

A few months back, we began biking the Blue Hole trail – a new cinder hike-and-bike trail – that’s about 10 minutes away by car in Wimberley. But after a while, Cherie and I switched: let’s walk.

The Blue Hole trail, for us, began as a straight two-mile power walk from the parking area near Ranch Road 3237 over to Ranch Road 12. And then a two-mile power walk back. Four miles. Time elapsed: about 56 minutes. We were doing about a 14-minute mile. Now, however, we’ve discovered that another leg of the trail back up near RR 3237 continues on over to the Blue Hole swimming area. We’ve added another half-mile on that portion in addition to the straight-shot four miles we’ve been doing. Our walk now takes about 63 minutes, and we’re getting down to about a 13.5 minute/mile speed. Try it: it’s a pretty fast pace. And thanks to over 50 days of 100 degree temperatures, we’re arriving earlier and earlier so we can finish and get out of there. This morning we started at 7:08 and finished at 8:11.

What’s it all for? We keep doing this so we can go snow skiing in the coming winter in Colorado…or Utah…or New Mexico…or wherever. Dreaming of going downhill on the white stuff. What’s your cardio routine?


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