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Your butts could burn my ass up

Cigarette butts. Will they ever go away? Will people ever stop throwing them from their cars and pickups?

Bastrop, Texas, recently burned to the ground. Thirty-four thousand acres and a couple of thousand homes. Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, and other Texas towns are experiencing wildfires too. The past summer was the hottest ever recorded. The lakes are about 35 feet below normal. Rain? Yeah, right. The entire area is a tinder box ready to be lit up. And it won’t be pretty.

I cleaned up a stretch of ranch road a couple of days ago. And that’s where the cigarette butts come in. I picked up about three dozen and I only covered 500 yards of roadside. And just one side of that road too. It’s so dry in this part of the country, the color green has been forgotten. The Hill Country is quickly being transformed into a desert, and in many places because of carelessness and thoughtlessness, into a burnt out wasteland. Charred homes, devastation, de-forestation.

It only takes one cigarette butt to scorch a massive area. And yet people keep throwing them out of their cars.

So smoke on. But keep your butts in the car. If you don’t, you could burn my ass up.


One response

  1. Cherie Haggard

    Well said!

    September 27, 2011 at 7:58 am

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