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2012 Houston Astros: The Eve of Destruction

Last year, the Astros took it on the chin – over and over and over again. This year? A left hook is going to kill them. KO. Down goes Houston. No matter how you look at it, for the Astros it’s over.

Literally over. Their farewell tour around the National League will be bittersweet. Forced (some say extorted) into moving to the American League West in 2013 by Commissioner Bud Selig is just another punch to the gut before they hit the canvas (read: last place in the AL West) for a long, long time. No way they’ll keep up with the Rangers, the Angels, or even the A’s and Mariners. And not just in 2013. Try the next seven to ten years.

So it’s good-bye rivals from over the years. Cubs – we were just about always better than they were. Braves – they brought a lot of misery over the years. Dodgers – think back to the rivalry we had with them in the early 80s. Gone. Mets? Anybody remember 1986? St. Louis – don’t get me started. Frustration everywhere you look.

The 2012 Astros? Maybe three proven major leaguers in the whole line-up. Lee ($100 million), Wandy (gone by August) and Brett Meyers (relegated to the bullpen – our ace?) – and then there’s the rest of the starters, all youngsters. Good luck. Play hard. And get ready for Late Night from the West Coast, it’s Houston vs zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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